Talks & Workshops

Terry Barnett-Martin, LMFT offers a variety of enlightening talks and workshops, each of which is designed to run 75-90 minutes long, with the exception of the Color Code 8-hour, full-day training. Handout materials are provided for all participants, including: a pen, notepaper and a feedback form.

Topics Terry Covers

Cleaning Up and Setting Straight Important Relationship with Healthy Boundaries

We all want to feel safe and contented in our relationships, and the key is good fences. Everything in life is about relationships, first with ourselves, with other people,ideas, food, money...everything. When we have good boundaries or fences in our relatio ships, we flourish. When our fences are broken or nonexistent, we suffer and can cause suffering to others. With a nice mix of wisdom and humor, this workshop will give you a chance to consider the relationships in your life in which you feel uneasy, hurt or even overbearing, and walk you through building better fences to create healthy connection and appropriate protection. This workshop is based on the award winning book: Tending Fences: Building Safe and Healthy Relationship Boundaries.


The stories we tell ourselves impact the way we feel, the choices we make, the way we behave, and what we believe about ourselves and others. Being aware of the negative stories we tell ourselves can clarify where we create limitations. Aligning with our positive stories can empower us beyond measure to be who we were meant to be and do what we were created to do. Available as a 75-90 minute talk.


Each of us is born with a distinct purpose and when we contribute it to the world, we have a significant impact. When we align with our purpose, whether in a life-long calling, a situational role, or in our relationships, we can feel a deep sense of vitality and fulfillment. Once we identify our true purpose, we can begin to live in accordance with it, and when we do...lives change, dynamics change, and the world changes for the better. Each of us makes a difference, however small or large. What’s your true purpose? Available as a 75-90 minute talk or an 8-hour retreat.


Parenting by Personality
Making a Profound Difference in Your Child's Life

When our little ones arrive, they seem both familiar and like complete strangers all at once. Our job as parents is to come to know them, love them, and nurture them to reach their potential and purpose. One of the best ways to do this is to understand their natural born personality type which is evident nearly immediately at birth. 

The Color Code, the #1 personality instrument of its kind in the world, provides insight into ourselves and our children in an easy to understand, yet deeply profound way. It is rooted in the deepest part of the self: motive, basically why we do what we do. The depth of understanding and knowledge that the Color Code provides will allow you to parent, love, discipline, communicate with, and nurture your children in ways that truly bring out the very best in them and you.

Once you learn The Color Code you will never look at yourself or others in the same way again. Knowing your own core motive, as well as that of significant others in your life can clarify and deepen your relationships. It is such a powerful tool that once learned, it can clear up misunderstandings, hurts, and miscommunications in a way that nothing else can. Having this knowledge as parent is a gift that gives you and your child and invaluable advantage in this ever changing world. Available as a 75-90 minute talk or an 8-hour retreat.

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